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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Menu Plan Monday for Week of July 25, 2010

Last week's menu went really well. We did end up eating leftovers one night with the Spaghetti Pie, and then Neal and I went out to supper on Saturday. So, I pushed two of my meals into this week's menu. :)

It really does help to plan our meals. It takes a lot of pressure off during the week to have the meals planned out. Just because I make a menu doesn't tie me down to a certain meal each night, but it gives me the option of having it and I know the ingredients are in my pantry! It's nice!

Here's my plan for this week:

Sunday: Barbecue Pork in the crockpot (I used liquid smoke, salt and pepper) and then we made sandwiches using Sauer's Original Barbecue sauce. This is a good, "vinegary" sauce. We topped it off with coleslaw and it was so good! We also had Cowboy Caviar, scoop style tortilla chips, and canned baked beans. It's nice to have a quick meal after church on Sundays!

Monday: Hot Dogs (We don't have these often, but we enjoy them from time to time), oven-baked red potatoes, and salad.

Tuesday: Oven Fried Fish, brown basmati rice, squash, and lima beans

Wednesday: Homemade Pizza (I'll grind the wheat for my pizza crust and call it healthy. :) Salad

Thursday: Vietnamese Fried Rice, sauteed squash, mushrooms, onion and garlic

Friday: Tuna Casserole, some type of veggies (with a garden right outside, we'll eat what's ready)

Saturday: Oriental Salad with Chicken(I cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces and cook in lite soy sauce.

This week I'm also planning on making Zucchini Bread (using Paula Deen's recipe) and Double Layer Chocolate Pie.


Elastigirl said...


How do you make your BBQ pork? My friend was telling me about putting a Boston Butt in the crockpot covered in vinegar (and may be a few spices). Letting it cook overnight. Shredding it and dousing it with your favorite bbq sauce. I would love to know how you do yours!


FoodontheTable said...

I don't have hot dogs often either, but when we do it is a real treat!

VaQueenBee said...

I make my barbecue pork similar to your friend's. This time I used boneless pork ribs that I had in the freezer. I cooked them in the crockpot with liquid smoke, salt and pepper. When I got home from church I shredded the pork with a fork, and then we put barbecue sauce on top. Easy and good!