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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chicken Joke

Chicken Joke is not a "joke," but it is a recipe. Sort of...

Sunday morning before we left for church, I put some rice and water in my rice cooker and set the timer so that it would be ready when we got home. I laid out some chicken breasts to thaw with plans to grill them.

After church we stopped by Sams Club to pick up a couple of items, and while there I saw Chinese food in the freezer section. We were just saying how we would like some Chinese, so I started planning in my head what I could do with the rice and chicken at home to make it "Chinese."

After we ate our pseudo-Chinese meal at lunch, Neal and Beth said I needed to put it on my blog. I told them I really couldn't because I didn't know how much I put in of the ingredients. Well, they don't want me to forget about this meal, so I'm going to do the best I can.

Chicken Joke
3 boneless chicken breasts, cut into bite size pieces
2 tbsp olive oil
salt, just a dash
Ginger powder, to taste (probably a couple of tbsp)
chopped garlic, to taste (probably 1 to 2 tsp)
red pepper, just a dash
curry, to taste (I know that isn't Chinese, but we added it anyway)
1 granny smith apple, cut into bite-size pieces
Chicken broth (about 3/4 cup)
cold water and cornstarch to thicken
Heat oil in skillet and add chicken and salt. Cook until chicken starts to lose its' pink color and then add ginger, garlic, red pepper and curry. Coat chicken well, and then add chicken broth. When the chicken is just about done, add the apple. Let it cook for a few more minutes and then if it looks dry add some more chicken broth. If it's kinda juicy that's good, go ahead and add the water/cornstarch mixture to thicken (this is so that the spices coat the chicken). Serve over rice.
Chicken Joke Rice
All I did was make my rice in the rice cooker. I use brown basmati rice. I took it out of the cooker and put it in my wok (with melted butter). I seasoned it with lite soy sauce and added sesame seeds. I cooked it for a short time and then added steamed veggies (I get a big bag of frozen broccoli, cauliflower, carrots from Sams).
That's it. This is really for my benefit, but if you can follow along with my poor attempt at writing down this "recipe" then by all means, give it a try! It really was good....and that's no Chicken Joke!
(The name Chicken Joke came from my children. One day something happened and Ben looked at Beth and said "and that's no chicken joke!" Since then it has become a joke in our family, and Beth thought I should name this dish Chicken Joke in honor of Ben's silliness). If you're interested in reading about the origin of Chicken Joke on Beth's blog click here!

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